You’ve Decided To Decorate, Now What?

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So you’ve decided your room needs a new lease of life. What better and easiest way to achieve this than giving the room a fresh lick of paint. All you need to decide now is which type of paint is the best type for the job. No matter what the colour or finish, trade paint is always the way forward. The premium quality and long-lasting finish means that there is no competition. 

Now the fun part, it’s time to get creative and pick the best colour! 

The colour of your walls will set off the whole atmosphere of your room. This article will help you make a decision and show you where you can look for the best paints. 

What Do You Already Have?

When it comes to colours, you might have an idea of what you are after, or perhaps you have no idea at all. The best thing to do is to look around the room. See if your furniture or accessories, like lamps or ornaments give you any inspiration for matching colours. 

Maybe you have some art hanging with hints of blue in, then you know a good match would be a similar shade. Something to match what you already have is always a great way to go. 

Shop Around

Checking out online stores like The Paint Shed, where they have a wide range of trade paint and colours can help with your decision. There are plenty of premium options available to help give you the inspiration you need to choose which colour and brand. Ranging from Dulux, to Johnstones, you can find a variety of trade paints out there that are widely used by professional decorators and painters. They come at a great price too, so make sure to check out all the deals.


Swatches are also a great way to see what your chosen colours may look like in your room. You can sample them by painting a small mark on your wall, enabling you to envisage the certain shade around the whole room. Sometimes, just seeing the colour in real life can really help you decipher which one to go for.

You can get these in stores or online. 


Getting inspiration from photos is a great way to find out what your taste is. You might have no idea what you’re looking for, so looking at pictures of what other people have is always helpful.

Even from a simple google search, a browse on Pinterest or even looking at an online stores, you should be able to check out what designers and other buyers have gone for. It’s not copying per say, it’s more, getting the inspiration when you need it most!

By following these steps, you should be able to find the right colour and shade in trade paint for your room. Whether it be a workplace or a living space, after having a look around and sampling some shades, you should be able to paint your room with ease and confidence, knowing you have gone in the right direction. 

New! You’ve Decided To Decorate, Now What?