Why Is Everyone Talking About Blue Light Glasses?

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You’ll have seen the ads popping up on the like of Facebook and Instagram recently of people wearing glasses indoors. They’re not advertised by opticians, but rather by trendy brands which are showcasing even trendier looking glasses you’d never find in amongst a rack of reading glasses.


They’re called blue light glasses, and they’ve been taking off big time while people are staying safe at home. But what are they, and why are they a hot ticket item right now?


Here’s why everyone is talking about blue light glasses.


They’re made for heavy device users


One of the downsides to being indoors these last few months has been that the amount of time not seeing family face to face has turned into hours upon hours of staring at bright screens for Zoom calls and the like.


All our phones, tablets and computer give off blue light. This is a kind of light low on the spectrum, just beside UV light, which our eyes can’t filter out. We naturally get blue light from the sun when we’re out and about, and it’s a way of our bodies knowing it is time to be alert and awake. So imagine what’s going on in your brain every weekend when you’re up to the wee hours in front of a bright screen for video chats? You’re sending signals to your brain that are saying “KEEP ME AWAKE” when you’re getting ready to go bed.


These blue light glasses aim to filter out that light an give your eyes a bit of rest.


They’re made to help your circadian rhythm


Blue light, as I’ve just mentioned, tells your brain it’s time to be awake; not ideal when you’re waiting to go to bed, or if you’re in the bad habit of playing with your phone in bed. With a lot of us working from home, and routines completely changed, it is important to keep your circadian rhythm as close to normal as possible. It’s surprising that someone as simple as wearing some fancy glasses can help with it.


They help prevent eye strain


Are you one to find yourself rubbing your eyes in the middle of the day while working at the laptop? You could be experiencing eye strain, and without resorting to wearing sunglasses indoors and looking odd, a cheap pair of these frames can help filter out the harmful light no problem at all.

They don’t make things blurry


Ever put on someone else’s glasses, and everything starts getting blurry? Not the case with these non-prescription lenses. Anyone can wear them if they don’t need glasses, or wear contacts all the time.


You can get them on your prescription


The blue light glasses are very popular with people who wouldn’t need glasses and see wearing them as a bit of a novelty/ trendy thing to be doing. If you already wear prescription glasses, double-check with your opticians that they offer blue light as a coating on your lenses – just like anti-glare and scratch resistance.


Don’t have a clue about glasses?


Wouldn’t know where to start but think a pair of blue light glasses is a good idea? Take a quick face shape quiz to get an idea of what shape of frames works best for any face type. It’s better than just buying a pair and realising they don’t look right at all.

New! Why Is Everyone Talking About Blue Light Glasses?