What does a corporate lawyer do?

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A guiding hand.

In the ever-changing, murky waters of commercial business - where one false move could potentially damage the future of your organisation - it pays to have a clear and level head. 

However, in reality for many business owners and operators, this can sometimes prove difficult. Especially when tackling big decisions that affect a number of people. It is here that corporate lawyers such as https://brodies.com/expertise/businesses-and-organisations/ can lend a hand. 

Corporate lawyers specialise in providing business and clients across the private and public sectors with impartial advice on all aspects of their business. This can include helping with the buying or selling of businesses, assisting in mergers, corporate restructuring, or arrangement schemes. 

Any business, be it a multinational corporation, private business interest, or start-up, can benefit from professional legal guidance to help them come to the best solution for their business. 

Bespoke legal advice. 

It is the role of a corporate solicitor to provide each of their clients with specific, tailored advice that is relevant to their specific industry. As such, the advice which a corporate lawyer provides to their clients will be drawn from a wide array of sector-specific expertise. 

Some sectors of the industry that corporate lawyers commonly provide business advice for include transport, food and drink, oil and gas, clothing, real estate, healthcare, and manufacturing. 

Every good corporate lawyer draws from a number of reliable business experiences and knowledge to tailor the advice that they provide to meet the needs of the individual business which requires it. 

What do corporate law Solicitors do?

The role that a solicitor plays within corporate law very much depends on the size of the business or sector in which they are working alongside. 

Smaller businesses rarely have to deal with larger-scale business events such as acquisitions or mergers, but they may be more focused on business growth and development. 

Corporate law solicitors who are working on behalf of smaller business can also offer legal assistance in dealing with the day-to-day runnings of the business, such as the filing of the relevant paperwork and the legal processes which are required when acquiring finance through private individuals. 

When dealing with larger business entities, however, corporate solicitors often help in the facilitating of more complex business arrangements - such as those which involve the buying or selling of companies or company assets. 

Dealings of this nature often take considerably more time than smaller-scale transactions and involve hundreds of hours of preparation, especially when dealing with businesses that are valued in the millions as many large-scale acquisitions and mergers often are. 

Corporate tax and incentives advice

Another principle aspect of corporate law involves advising businesses on tax incentives, relevant regional taxes, and employee share plans. 

By working closely alongside chartered tax advisors and chartered accountants, corporate lawyers can offer advice on tax compliance - whilst still considering each business’s unique finances and commercial condition. 

Tax advice on any aspect of your business - or indeed your personal activities - can be a massive help to a business of any size. 

By seeking out professional advice from experienced corporate solicitors, business owners can rest assured that they are doing all they can to ensure the prosperity and success of their business and themselves. 

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