5 Things We Should Be Buying During Lockdown

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Wherever you are in the UK just now, you’ll still be in some form of lockdown to a varying degree. While most of the country gets back to opening up again, it’s still the best advice that we stay at home and get used to the “new normal”.


One odd effect of all this is that spending habits have changed, especially for those who would be the kind of people to go out every weekend and love a bit of shopping on payday. While most of us now see the knock on the door from the delivery driver as the only chance we get to talk to someone new every day, it is important to still treat ourselves when we can.


And there’s no better way of doing that than shopping online for products that will not only look good but make us feel good too. Just how do you do that? Well, you treat yourself to any of these five must-haves we should all be buying during lockdown.


1 – A Magazine Subscription


You can get subscriptions for everything these days. From coffee and beer to flowers and underwear (more on that in a bit), subscriptions are becoming a must-have while we stay indoors. If you’re like me and get all your news and articles from your phone and laptop every day, getting a magazine subscription is the ideal way to do a spot of light reading offline.


Most magazines now have great subscription deals where you get massive reductions or gifts by signing up for a few months at a time. It is ideal if you’re looking for a way to tune out from the world for a few hours at the weekend but can’t get invested in that ever-growing pile of books on the bedside table.


2 – Classic Board games


Staying “offline”, I’ve found that family time spent together has shot right up in the last few months, and a big part of that has come down to playing board games. Before all this, we didn’t realise the kids had never played Monopoly, Cluedo or even Mouse Trap (remember they made a TV show of it?).


I highly recommend checking under the stairs to see what classic board games you have lying about and buying those you don’t. When kids can get caught up in Roblox and Fortnite, getting them around a table to be incredibly competitive for Scrabble or Monopoly is great fun.


3 – Underwear


How do you know when you’ve become a proper adult? Finding out you’ve gotten new socks and underwear as a Christmas present is an absolute delight. A new pair of underwear when you’re lounging about the house all day is a treat onto itself, and you don’t have to go down the high street to get a bargain multipack that will only last a few washes.


There are now stores online which offer premium underwear at a reasonably good price, and they’ll deliver it directly to your door. Two names to check out are Bawbags (pardon the pun) who sell men’s boxer shorts with funky designs, and the aptly named Knickers By Post, who will send a new pair of (n their words) “luxury knickers to your door every month”.


You’ll be surprised just how excited you get when you see new undies popping through the letterbox.


4 – Desktop Organiser


Be honest, what does your working from home situation look like? Have you got a spare room fully kitted out as a de facto office, or is everything scattered across the kitchen table as you dream of the days you had a neatly organised desk back at the office?


A cheap and cheerful desktop organiser is the way to go. I like having one right beside my laptop while I work so that I can keep everything tidy, before being able to pack my laptop in there too and tidy it away.


(little bonus tip: if you aren’t putting your laptop and work stuff away in the evenings, do so, as it helps keep your mind off work in the evening and brings back some structure to your day)


5 – Incense or Nice Candles


Without getting all hippy-dippy on you, there’s a subtle reason why incense, or even something as simple as an air freshener, might be a good idea to have; your house needs rid of your smell. You know how every house has a smell; well, you may not have noticed yours but being stuck there so much.


Get the place smelling fresh and fragrant, or else your guest might get a shock in the nostrils when you finally have someone over.


There you have it, five things you might want to buy while staying indoors to feel funky fresh and not drive yourself mad. Just don’t start playing Monopoly in your boxers.

New! 5 Things We Should Be Buying During Lockdown